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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -June 27

June 27, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

The house is quiet – Roberta and Serena had their first day of Girl Scout Day Camp (& enjoyed it).  Serena went to Cherry Bend Pheasant Farm tonight for a Girl Scout Picnic – saw the pheasants, rode ponies, etc. so she's really worn out.  The papers were late in getting in so Roberta didn't try to make it (Cadettes were invited).

Daddy took John & Kevin on a camp out to Rocky Fork overnight.  They were so excited and threatening showers didn't keep them here.  It really rained very little and we need it so much.

It has been stifling here now for a week and the swimming has helped cool us off.  We wonder if you've tried the lake near you?  And if you use your bicycle?  Don't try the parks – even walking at night!

Grandma brought up a letter from Joe (written primarily to thank them for his birthday money).  We can't quite picture him but he says he's letting his hair grow long – and his parents have given him permission to use all the money he makes to buy a Honda.  He has to wear white trousers and navy blazer as a sort of a uniform at Lake Chautauqua.  We do enjoy your letter so much and John was so pleased with the card you sent him.  It & your letter written Saturday arrived this morning.  So far we've gotten a letter every other day since Thursday.

Daddy was having a hard time the afternoon the computer cards arrived – didn't get it at first.  That was the day the Kuntzmans were moving & just about 10 minutes before Helen was ready to take off she discovered a leak where the washer had been connected.  We couldn't get it off so called him (Daddy) & because there was no shut-off there or at the water heater he had to crawl under the house to the front where the only cut-off valve is & that's only part of the story – I don't think I'll every forget that day.

Mr. Shinkle [Ernest Hughey Shinkle 1892-1966, father of Sarah Burton Palmer] passed away Saturday evening & both Rev. K and Rev. Beers together have the funeral.  I doubt if any of the other Kuntzmans com back then (it's been such a short time since they left.)

You are getting to be a real professional envelope maker – among your other great accomplishments – And you'll have to explain the cards with their names when you get home.  They read their names & message but wondered if each hole has some significance.

Your studies sound anything but light for this hot humid weather but hope you don't them too heavy.  Mr. Short asked Roberta about you (He's in NV to help with Head Start program, etc.) He said to tell you not to worry – if it seems very difficult, for you are struggling with the BEST of them.

That was a real interesting article on SIU & quite enlightening.

As to the title of H. Allen Smith's book – you had it right "To Hell in a Handbasket" – perhaps you can find it in the local library if not at the college.  I haven't been to W.P.L to read it yet.  – Behold the Ancient Egyptians is the longer version he mentioned.  A little lighter than Dickens.

No doubt you know that Grandma has your address for she said today she had written to you.

Daddy says he's been through Missoula, Mont. but doesn't think we went through there on our trip. We planned to look it up for sure.  The New York World's Fair was so much larger in scope and area than the Seattle, it's hard to really compare them.  I enjoyed both – the Seattle for it's compactness but New York for it's really world wide participation and beauty & cleanliness.

No one has slept in your room til last night when Serena decided her room was just too hot to sleep & has gone back down there tonight.  One good thing she slept longer & we had to waken her for a change.

Hope your new saddles [the "lovely" orthopedic shoes I had to wear] are getting more comfortable & your old ones are fixed OK.  Sorry you had to suffer blisters.

So many people have been asking about you & hope you are enjoying your summer there.  So far there's been no other mail.

Serena has done real well on your route.  Her first time for collecting was hard for she hadn't recovered from her slumber party the night before but finished it (collecting) up Saturday.  It rained tonight while they were out but not for very long.

We are saving your letters [where are they then??].   Do keep them coming.

Love, from all of us & esp. from Mother XXX

P.S. Roberta got poison ivy yesterday (Monday).  How is yours?

[written on the back of the second page]  I was half asleep when I wrote this letter & found I hadn't written on back of this.  

M.V. says you are "home" when we ask where you are & hope you are feeling at home there.  The Kuntzmans are in the "car" where she last saw Karol, Mrs. K & Mr. Lytle.

It was pathetic to see her go over to their back door & knock, ring the bell & look in the door then start the procedure over & over the first day they left.

We went out to Wilma's tonite & she was afraid I was going to leave her.

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