Thursday, July 14, 2016

1986 Wendy's Letter -July 6

[In Jean's handwriting: ]
Phoenix –––                  
w/ Roberta & Sid 
after Y Camp

July 6, 1986

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

Thank you for the postcard and letter.  You might think this is funny but I got my ears pierced today.  Just look at the date and that will be the date that I got my ears pierced.  I got a shirt with triangle buttons which is sort of wild and it is quite hot up here.

We get to go to Las Vegas and we are staying next to a motel that is called Circus Circus and we get to bring my friend, Kellie, with us too.

I got a Baby Pony, too.  Her name is Baby Ribbons.  Well, I guess that means goodbye.


                              Wendy Jean

P.S. Write back soon.

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