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1976 Postcards from Greece -July 19

North Gate Ancient Mycenae (Acropolis) Greece postcard - mailed 1976
1976 HH's postcard to Roberta & John at Hudson Guild - July 
We left Athens yesterday on this 3 day cruise to the islands.  Getting use to the rock & roll & appetite is good – always too much food on these ships.  Good (?) place to start a W.W. club.  Ship is good location for refreshments – as you have a captive (to say the least) crowd.  Have met people from all over – from Ohio to N.Z,  Our ship cabin is next to Brumleys.  Bet Grandma had big time.  Love, Mother & Dad

Sounion Greece postcard -mailed 1976
1976 Jean's Greece postcard to MV & Hortons -July 19
Mon. July 19, 1976
On way home now after really wonderful trip – islands were beautiful, but didn't get to see enough or stay long enough.  Hope you get to take similar trip sometime – or round the world cruise.

Not looking forward to getting into New York at midnite (too late to call New Jersey or Fla.) – or Columbus at 3 AM Tues.  Looking forward to seeing you in a few days & Hortons next month.  Much love!
Island of Santorini Greece postcard -mailed 1976
1976 Jean's Island of Santorini Greece postcard to Roberta, John & GHU at Hudson Guild -July 19
Mon. 7-19-76
Last card from Greece – now on way to Shannon - New York and home.  Wanted to call but Dad says it would be after midnight.  Have really enjoyed the trip.  Gotten many compliments on orange Indian blouse.  Also the wrap around skirt.

Had much delicious fruit that wish we could share.  Hope to make moussaka w/ eggplant & ground beef & cheese.  Have had it nearly everyday.

Please save card.  Hope business is good & cars running well.

Love, Dad & Mother

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