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1986 Catherine's Letter -June 27

Friday, June 27, 1986

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I am typing this at work on a typewriter that has an extra large print ball or whatever you call those things that come in and out.  Just finished typing a letter to Wendy at camp where hopefully she is having a good time.  She called us when they got back to Arizona and it sounded like they had a good trip.

Roberta said now Wendy feels like she is "home" in Arizona whereas before they went to Ohio she was just visiting.  Our house still seems abnormally quiet and the most amazing part is that Wendy's room stays picked up!

Gerry and I have been playing lots of golf but otherwise our routines stay about the same as when Wendy was home.  We don't eat quite such regular meals however.  And both of us are probably working longer hours since it is the busy season for both of us.

The Summer Reading Program is going pretty well.  I have almost 700 signed up with about 60 having finished already.  The average weekly attendance at my programs has been totaling about 300.  And even on days when there aren't any programs the library still seems to be full of children!

We did get your letter Mother.  Thank you very much.  I will try to call again soon.  I have been going to a 6:15 exercise class in Colfax on Wednesdays and Fridays (that's AM) so that fills up those two mornings before work.  On Mondays I go to the 8:00 class since I don't have to work.  She only offers the early morning class during June and July so it is working out well for me.

Our garden is doing great.  The tomatoes, squash, and broccoli are thriving in that field in front of the house.  (sorry for the mistakes but with this print the spacing isn't such that I can use the automatic correcting ribbon).  I replanted green beans.  We also have some peas that are ready to eat – not enough for a meal but enough to add to salads!  These are the ones I planed really early.  The later one will be ready soon and there are more of them!

Back to work now . . . .

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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