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1966 Roberta's dictated letter to Catherine -July 13

July 13, 1966
Dear Catherine,

This is being dictated by me to Mother 'cause of my arm.  (The doctor says one bone is cracked, one chipped and another was thrown out of place - in my wrist that is).

Bible School is this week.  I am helping with pre pre-school children (example - Mary Virginia).  Today we had two little kids and four kids my age or older here at the house.

I was wondering if it would be possible if I could come and stay with you a week-end?  Would it be OK if I would stay in your dorm?  If you tell me I could come, I will bring plenty of cookies and brownies for you, Dave and me.  I could also bring plenty of news from home.  I could go on the train to St. Louis and then back to Carbondale.  How about it?  ?  ?  I AM SERIOUS  !

At Girl Scout Day Camp I met Joyce Arrowsmith.  She is real nutty.  She ain't got her motorcycle yet but she's going to get it soon.  I also met her twin sister, Janice but she isn't so nutty.  Emily Clifton was there too but I like Bernice Clifton a lot better.  She is more nuttier.  [Jean's note adds (Exactly as dictated.)]

It is hot here too but it sounds like you have it worse.  June 24 went to slumber party at Charma Little's trailer for Debbie Fenner's birthday.  Did not sleep at all.

I mowed Beers'es yard but they have not paid me.  I told him, he would't have to but if he really wanted to, he could.

Our cousin, Mary Ellen is getting married Sat. Aug. 6 to some man.  (We can't find the invitation which came today).  They didn't even invite me, but I really didn't want to go.  I'd hate to take a bath twice on Saturday as she is getting married at 10 a.m.

There is going to be a Moonlight Madness Sale at Wilmington Plaza this Friday night.  If Mother doesn't drive I will ride my bicycle over - in other words I'm bound determined to go.

J-R Swim Club had a Swim Party last Saturday night.  I took Valerie Allen 'cause I thought you had to take somebody from out of Clinton County but it turned out you can take one person from anyplace and you don't even have to pay for them.  That victorious lifeguard that went in and saved Marcia (supposedly) was over there that night.  I should have asked him how it felt to get wet that night but I never.

News Journals will be increased three today.  Alot of people on vacation and it throws us off.  Last month I received $12.00 pay cause Mother said not to get any money out of the bank.  We better get more pay in August.  (She also got reimbursed $9.00 as you will for the pay of the substitute while away in June.)  Please take note of the THIRD paragraph on the first page of this letter.

Well, I've bored you enough so this is the Paroxide Kid in person saying so long til I see you in Illinois before August 12.  Take that you rat, this is no joke.


[Note from Jean:  She can write a bit with her left hand – she's improving.]

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