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1976 Roberta's India Letter -Feb.27

February 27, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Did the U.S. stamps make you wonder for a minute?  Met a girl today from New York who is leaving tomorrow so thought I would take advantage of "AIR-MAIL" service!

I got my Afghanistan visa today just by luck.  They told me to come after 1:00 pm – so I spent the morning just looking around in shops – and at my leisure.  I got there about 1:15 and they were locking up the place – as they close at 1:00 pm.  I had to "bribe" the guy (5 Rupees) – bribing is a common practice here – but I only do it in RARE occasions.

Now to go back – I mailed you all a letter this morning explaining how I had decided to make a quick trip to Kabul.  In Hikkaduwa I met 3 Peace Corps people – through Mike – who are in Kabul – they were in Ceylon on their holiday.  One is TEFL director, 1 an Architect and the other works w/ the local newspaper.  Anyway I met them – quite by accident in Delhi – the day I arrived, Feb. 24th, and they said "you must make a trip to Kabul."  They wanted me to come with them but too many hassles – I would have had to have gone II class unreserved and I did that once & I don't intend to do it again.  Also I needed a visa which takes 2 days to obtain.

So tonight I'm going to Amritsar – then to Lahore – Peshawar – then to Kabul.  I'm not looking forward to crossing the borders – they say they don't make it easy on you – but I'm no amateur traveller at this point in time.  Today I made my reservation back to Bombay from Delhi.  I'm already in a hurry to get back to Bombay – I'll be just 4 days there before I return home (8th of March - 12th).

I was having a cup of tea this afternoon & an American woman & daughter came in & sat at the table next to me – I started talking with them and they were from Indiana – the daughter goes to Woodstock school – where Betty Bobb (who Mrs. Salisbury knows) works and the mother (also the father) are doctors in a Mission hospital here in India.  They have been in the U.S. the last 3 weeks.  I couldn't believe the weather they were describing.

Mary Virginia – how did you spend your birthday?  I bet Ruth came in – or did you all eat out?

Last night there was another wedding here – there was one here when I was here in November (YMCA).

I wrote you all just this morning about my trip to Agra.  I hope you do read the history of the Taj.  I had & it made it alot more interesting when I saw it.

Just this week I spent – or have cashed in half of my travellers checks.  If it wasn't for my plane ticket my trip would have been extended.  But in a way, I think it is a good idea to come home while you are still having "fun" – while I'm still enjoying travelling!  But when I get home I'm going to start saving my $ for my round-the-world trip!

I'm enclosing a post card of the Gold Temple in Amritsar that I'll be seeing.  Mike & Mary sent it – you can read their comment on Indian food.  They hate it – and didn't even try it.

Mike might try for lifeguard at Hudson Guild – I hope I get my job there – especially since J.B. and maybe Mike will be there!

Just 2 weeks from tonight I'll be leaving ––

Hope all of you are fine.  I really enjoyed all the letters the last week (both here & in Bombay).  If I work at the shop some when I get home I'll get caught up on the news quick.

Got to go – train leaves in 2 hours – first time in awhile I have to see myself off ––


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