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1976 Roberta's Ceylon Letter -Feb.1

February 1, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  I've really been living in luxury these last 2 days – at least during the day!  Friday we went to the Holiday Inn – had a good Western Meal I had a Chef Salad and a hamburger and about 6 glasses of water w/ ice cubes in it!  Then yesterday we went back to the Holiday Inn – about 11:00 AM – paid 5 rupees for a ticket to use the pool.  Swam & laid out till about 12:30 then again had lunch – this time I had prawns and another chef salad!  Then went back out to the pool & stayed till 4:00 – we got our moneys worth.

It is very HOT here  humid.  During my splurges I spent $7.50 1st day – only $6.80 yesterday – that is counting everything – room, food, transportation, stamps, etc ––

Colombo is a nice city – alot more  modern & more cultured than India's cities!

Today we are going to Hikkaduwa – that is on the coast – South of here – North of Galle.  Mike & Mary have arranged to have a bungalow there for 2 weeks – and I'll be w/ them.  They are really nice – down to earth – they had not enjoyed India though.  From here they are going Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc. – Hawaii – then home!  A trip I'd like to take – if I just had an American Express Card! (HA!)

Postage here is a bargain – 1 Rupee is about 8¢ – this is 1/3 of U.S.'s price!  We've bought 2 coconuts – dry kind, pineapple (12¢) & lots of bananas.  They are very small – but you get 10 to 12 of them for a Rupee!

I'm a little red this morning – in India you cover your body up from head to toe – then too I was out plenty long yesterday.

From now on DO NOT send any more mail to Bombay – please mail c/o Y.M.C.A. Tourist Hotel, New Delhi.  Please pass word on to G'ma, Ruth, etc. –– After I leave Bombay that (YMCA) will be my headquarters I plan to go to Kashmir  perhaps make a trip (quick one) through Pakistan to Karachi.  But this will really upset my Indian friends – India - Pakistan have their problems –– (Also other places in North – ALGRA, Jaipar, Udaipur, Mount Abu, etc.)

Please don't get used to hearing from me every 2 days  HA!  My greetings go to everyone – Ceylon is nice – but still bugs and instead of rice – noodles.

Mary V – saw a snake outside the hotel.

Love, Berta

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