Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1976 Banerjee Letter -Feb.23

P.G. Banerjee
February 23rd '76
Dear Jean and Harold,

It was really a pleasure to receive your letter when I came back to Bombay after a business trip, a few days ago.

Roberta is back in Bombay after she had been to the southern part of India.  She seems to have liked the south because of the varied atmosphere, temples, beaches etc.  During her stay of two weeks in Ceylon she has tried to acquire a tan and I must say it looks becoming on her.

I certainly don't need to be thanked for helping Roberta in here.  As anybody else in my place would have done the same for her, and at that for a person who is genuinely interested in knowing about our country at large.  I do really hope that you also would plan a holiday to India and allow me a chance to introduce you to our country.  The cities in India, especially the metropolises like Bombay represent a true cross section of our country, depicting the varies hues of life in true colour.  I do sincerely hope that you would cash in on the next opportunity that comes by for you to visit India.

Next, I thank you for the refill which arrived here in good condition.  I am really grateful to you for taking all the trouble of sending it all the way.  It was indeed kind of you.  Thank you again.

I trust that this letter finds both of you in the pink of health and good cheer.

I close, with kind regard.

Yours sincerely,

P.G. Banerjee

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