Tuesday, February 16, 2016

1946 Letter to Jean from WVU Librarian -Feb.17

Florence Reese (1900-1986) was an instructor of library science at West Virginia University.  

February 17, 1946

Dear Miss Ballantyne:

I was very happy to hear from you -- I am not at all surprised that you have chosen children's work, for that was what you wanted from the start and usually you come back to the thing which has challenged your interest.  It is an opportunity to have the experience you are having to keep with you if you remain there or to take with you wherever you go.  There are only two children's librarians in this state.

Raney seems to be having a wonderful time with her elementary libraries in Raleigh.

We have a record enrollment with 1500 G'I's.  I have two classes of Library Science 1 with 60, they fill room 8 and we have had to limit the classes had one section with a finish of 33 last semester.  The upper division classes are increasing.  We had a registration of 90 in Library Science.  Plans are on foot to remove partition between 8 and 9 and use a combined group of seminar rooms for a practice collection.  I am glad you like Western Reserve.  Drop a line when you have time always enjoy hearing from you.


Florence K. Reese

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