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1986 Catherine's Letter -Feb.10

Monday, February 10, 1986

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Thanks for the nice birthday card, the beautiful vest, and the money!  I had a very nice day – since it was my storytime day at the library, I did read one birthday book, Sam's Birthday by Hutchins but didn't mention that it was my birthday or I would have had to listen to each child tell me about their birthday!  Gerry fixed a good dinner with some of my favorites like fish and stewed tomatoes.

A large envelope from you arrived for Wendy today.  She will be home from school in a few minutes so I can let you know her reaction.  I also got the letter from Wells regarding Toys N More, last Friday.  My court date is March 4.  I had the sheriff's dept. serve the papers as I figured that he wouldn't pick it up if it was certified mail.  I haven't been in the mall for a few weeks so don't know if the business still has the doors open or not.

I did buy a new pair of shoes.  They are gray naturalizers -- I'll model them for you when you come to Colfax.

Here's the school bus so I'll take a little break!
8:45 p.m. -- Wendy liked the Valentine's, the Scotland poster and the Spanish-English coloring book.  She has been trying to learn Spanish so that fits right in.  She even has some cassette tapes checked out of the library on learning Spanish.

Did I tell you we bought her an unfinished desk with her Christmas money?  Her choice of color was bright yellow.  Gerry just finished painting it a few days ago and we moved it into her bedroom.  It looks really nice!

I appreciated your letter to me, also.  Sounds like you have really been busy putting on the programs!  Hope you have (had) a nice trip to NYC.

Thanks again for the birthday gifts and for all the birthdays !

We were able to play golf and go bike riding again this weekend!  There's a little skiff of snow on the ground today though.

Catherine, Gerry & 

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