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1976 Roberta's Ceylon Letter -Feb.8

February 8, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  We're back at Colombo & at the Holiday Inn enjoying the pool – we got here from Ratnapura on Friday – spent 2 sleepless night at a small hotel right near the beach – but even closer to the R.R. tracks.  It was only 10 Rupees a night each but we figured we were here to rest up before going back to India and if we couldn't sleep – so today we moved to the Y.M.C.A. – the location is good – it's only 4 Rupees more a night each & we have a fan above us!  Before the trains ran every hour it seemed.

We made reservations to fly to Madras.  I had decided if I did go by train I would splurge both from here to the Port – also from Rameswaram to Madras by going Air Conditioned – which turned out to be only $3.00 cheaper than flying.  It is only a 2 hour flight to Madras – and will I ever enjoy this after the terrible boat & train ride here!  Going to Madras the 12th – which means I'll just have 1 month left in India.

I'll be leaving Mike & Mary in Madras – I hope someday you can meet them.  They kind of remind you of the Fisher (Alice) family – really fun people.

Yesterday we went to the Ceyfish Restaurant – I had the biggest splurge meal I've had since I left home – had lobster & prawn – 1 pound lobster & about 8 good size prawns – cost me 30 Rupees – $2.50 – cheapest & best lobster I've ever had!

We saw a Woolworth store here – but didn't think it is part of F.W. & Company.  We've seen Kentucky Fried Chicken boxes but can't find the place!  Colombo is alot more modern than Indian cities.  But get away from the city and its a new ball game.  Transportation – once out of the city is such a problem –  so crowded & not safe!  India has poor roads but the R.R. system there is really well developed – cheap & halfway efficient!

Still eating alot of fresh fruit – and too much bread & butter.  Food here generally TOO HOT –

Hope all is fine – maybe I'll have a letter waiting for me from you all in Madras – or Bombay –

I'm getting tan – just wish it would last till I got home!


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