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1976 Roberta India Letter to GHU & Hortons -Feb.21

February 21, 1976
Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary & Rob,

Hi!  Aunt Mary got your letter yesterday – written Jan. 21st and to think Bombay is suppose to have the best mail service in the country!  Actually most letters come in much better.

It was so good to get the news of you all.  Grandma I'm glad you are having a good winter – but Uncle Bill I hope what you had was VERY SHORT LIVED!

I'm glad you all made plans to go to the golf tourney – I know you will enjoy it.  That is the way to live – make plans & go – I'm so thankful I decided to make this trip – there were a hundred of reasons NOT to go though – like Leslie backing out – etc.  I've met such wonderful people – especialy Banerjee & the family he stays w/ here in Bombay.  It is impossible to explain them – but for instance after a meal if I try to say "THANKS" – they always say "Do you thank your family for your lunch?"
Now Sunday AM – just arrived in Nagpur – Central Indai w/ my friends.  (Short trip – Just  20  hours by train.) They came here on business – then I'll be gong North from here.  Glad for the chance to see central India – India is a VAST country – full of variety – sometimes I feel like I'm in an open air museum –

Rob – I'm anxious to hear about your plans for next year – you asked about mine Aunt Mary – I wish I knew – but one thing I know & plan to live by – that time & tide wait for no one – enjoy the present – the future is yet to come & who knows about it.  Well – enough philosophy – but to make my point – I'm not worried about my future.  I figure I know how to work & whatever I put my MIND to –––

Aunt Mary – thanks for all the stamps – The Indian people are MAD about anything from the U.S. –

We're staying in Nagpur w/ friends of my friends – wealthy ($) Indians. – own a card board box factory.  By far the biggest house I've seen in India – 2 cars w/ drivers, numerous servants – even hot running water (have hot water heater).

Sounds like you all have had busy winter – when I get home we will have alot to get caught up on –

What are Joe's plans for next year or are they made yet?

Grandma – my clothes could sure use some of your attention!  This trip has been hard on them – I bought very few & they have had a WORK OUT!

Hope this letter finds each of you in good health & happy ––

My best –

Love, Berta

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