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1976 Roberta's Ceylon Letter to G'ma & Hortons -Feb.6

February 6, 1976

Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary, & Rob –

Hi!  Postage is a bargain here (only 8¢ for this) so I'm trying to get out my correspondence – HA!  Right now we are in Rutnapura – that is where all the gem mines are in Ceylon.  Yesterday we went out to the gem pits – which is a really deep well – 1 guy is down below and they kept sending down buckets via rope pulley – then he would fill them up and send them back – after this they would work out the dirt.  But while we were there they did not find any gems!

Ceylon is alot like India – but transportation here is not good at all.  We had wanted to go & see what is supposed to be the 3rd largest waterfall in the world – but after figuring it would take 2 &1/2 days minimum to reach – I decided I could look at a picture in the tourist info sheet and be satisfied.  Roads here are bad – buses are even worse – and trains are terrible!  Gee – I sound like a complainer – don't I?  But to get 40 miles the way the crow flies – you would have to go 132 – the way the buses go – and more than that by train.  If a bus has 30 seats they sell 50 tickets – and everyone comes – they are crowded, HOT, and smelly.  But Ceylon is a pretty country – they just need to develop the transportation.

So what we are doing today – going back to Colombo – to enjoy some more good food & good swimming at the Holiday Inn!  We spend our days there & at night return back to our cheap hotel!

Aunt Mary – I think of you whenever I eat a really hot (spicy) meal – they do have good ice cream!  When we get back to Colombo Mike (I did write you about Mike & Mary – didn't I?)  want to go to what is supposed to be the best golf course in Asia.  For $2.00 you can play 18 holes – I think I'm going to give it a try –

Grandma – I wish you could be here to mend my clothes – since November they are beginning to show signs of needing repairs – And Rob – so often I've wished you could have been here to carry my suitcase – after this trip I could work for U.P.S. again – HA!  Rob – you would love some of the beaches here –

Write me in Delhi c/o YMCA Tourist Hotel.  I could use air-conditioning here alot of times ––


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