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1986 GHU Letter -Feb.10

[postmarked 2/10/86]

Dear Harold & Jean –

At last it has warmed up some what.  With a week of Feb. with us it certainly is time for a little warmth.  Mary & Bill were invited out for early supper & to play cards afterwards so I have things all to myself.

Yesterday we had a busy day for 2 ladies asked to "borrow" the use of the house for a meeting of the U.M.W. monthly meeting.  They brought rolls & Mary furnished the tea & coffee & dishes for them.  There were 23 present.  There are folks who would like to have the meeting but lack room, dishes, & chairs.

Bill is getting over his cold be degrees.  Rob & Cindy have both been out of school for several days this week with colds.

We have had 2 letters from Joe since he left N.Y.  He is in Indonesia, U [?] bird Bali  – Says it rains every day sometimes & is damp & hard to dry anything.  Scenery very pretty.  A lot of frogs which bother his sleeping.  Using candles for lights.  The bath room is ?

We attended a concert last Wed. night given by a group of men  5  from Canada.  They really were good.  I used Mr. Garrets ticket for he has been ill & in the hospital for a while.  He has arthritis for 1 thing.  He can't find a way to be comfortable.

I am having a time with these new hearing aids.  It is hard to get them placed right.  Mary is a help but I must learn myself.  They don't slip in as easily as you might thing.

We had a letter form Mary V. today & she plans to come to Fla in March which is fine.  But so far you are all coming at a different time.  So if you want to be here at a time when anyone of the family comes it will be to you folks for it is too much for me to write & make arrangements.

A week ago the Meth. church was broken into & several things were taken of value as well as a few minor.

John Bankhouse [?] had his bicycle taken & is now using Bill's (which he does not use.)  Mary's has a flat tire.

It is my bed time.

Love, Mother

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