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1976 Roberta India Letter -Feb.18

February 18, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Am once more back in Bombay – now at Panna Mehta's family's place where I spent yesterday afternoon & evening.  She called up last night but don't know if she called you all to say I was here.

1st – It has been confirmed – I have the flights I requested – which means I'll be in Columbus at 8:30 pm – March 13th.  Will you all please write me & confirm it that you all will be there?  It is TWA – flight 151 – My plans have changed some – as I'm now flying out of Bombay – it is no more than to fly out of Delhi – and it is what I decided I would rather do – for 1 thing I will be able to leave everything here but the bare necessities as I travel North – for another thing I'll be able to see my friends 1 more time before I go – which is the main reason behind flying out of Bombay.

Because of this – please continue to send all mail here – Don't worry if you did send any to the YMCA in Delhi – I will write them concerning it.

I seem to have trouble finishing my letters – or to most people I have trouble starting them!  Had a very enjoyable day yesterday w/ the Mehtas – still w/ them – but Banerjee is to come tonight to pick me up.  Yesterday went shopping – went to the old part of the city – no cars – just horse pulled carts – we rode in one.  Then in the afternoon went to new part of town – bought some blouse pieces, leather bag, etc.  Quite a definite change from NEW part to old part of town.  But as Indian cities go – Bombay is a new city – it was developed thanks to the British.

OH – Monday Tuesday morning after arriving back from Poona I broke the lenses in my glasses – what luck I've had – within 6 weeks 2 broken pairs!  So I'm getting good use out of my sunglasses!  (Will get other glasses back today)

Mehtas have a big flat – 2 LARGE bedrooms, plus large sitting room.  They have ideal location – not far from city, etc.  Very expensive cars. but close by are the huts – it doesn't make sense or look good ––

Beggars are not allowed in downtown Bombay – so they all go the suburbs – like Bandra.

Please pass the word as to my address – also please confirm about your being in Columbus March 13th 8:30 pm

I'm missing all the news concerning the election primaries – bet JB in active in it – do hear about Patricia Hearst case –

My best –


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