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1976 Roberta's Afghanistan letter to GHU & Hortons -Mar.1

March 1, 1976

Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary & Rob,

Hi!  Bet you thought you wouldn't be hearing from me from Kabul, Afghanistan.  I's a long story why I decided to make a quick trip here, hope you all heard it from my family.

It is such a different culture here than in India.  Here women are not seen – but the few that are out are covered from head to toe – they have a 'thing' that hides their face – very dangerous as they can't see well & they walk out into the street & almost get hit.

I'm with 3 from the Peace Corps – today at lunch got together w/others from P.C. – one being a boy that graduated from Kalamazoo in 1971 – knew Catherine & X both.  He said he never dreamed of meeting Catherine's sister in Kabul!

Today went to the school where 1 of them teaches – most of the class rooms outside – school has been out for last 2 months – because of cold weather.  Still snow on the ground – and cold to me!  I have on layers of clothes –

Food here not HOT at all – but very greasy.  Fried rice is basic food – good beef here.  Also tea good here – different than India.  In India they use so much milk & sugar.  Here just sugar.

It was quite a trip from Delhi to here – I did meet – quite out of coincidence another P.C. guy in Delhi going to Kabul so had company the whole way.  From Peshawar to here most interesting – mountains w/ lots of snow – sometimes you could see layers of road as you look down. The more I travel the more it is contagious – my dream now is to go overland from London to India – then East through the Orient.  It could all be done in one trip – all it takes is time & money. (+ the 'guts' to do it!)  Travelling itself is pretty cheap – cost just $8.00 to go from Delhi to Kabul for transportation.  Of course there is not much luxury involved.  To fly the same distance is $120.00!  Overland the trip just takes 2.5 days (both nights spent on the road).

Grandma I'l be seeing you soon – and sure hope to see the rest of you all too on your trip North.  Grandma, we will have to take a vacation somewhere – here I am not even home yet & ready to go!

Rob – I'm anxious to know of your next year plans – I can't believe you are almost finished at J.C.  – time flies – My best to you all from Muslim Country – lots of beautiful mosques –-


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