Tuesday, February 09, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -Feb.9

Dear Folks,

Greetings from cool Arizona – cool as in COLD – makes me realize how I would not be able to survive an Ohio winter!

We had a most interesting day – had a late lunch with some friends of Sid's in Mesa – then stopped at  3  nursing homes & County hospital on way back home.  1st stop was the Classy nursing home we stopped in out in East Mesa – where the administrator once worked for the County.  Visited a lady there who had once lived at Sr. Village.  But guess who else we saw there – both of Marion Magill's parents – both patients there.  I'm most curious & will call long term care office on Tuesday to see if they are county patients.

We went from there to an awful nursing home in South Phoenix – an all-county facility – such a switch from the 1st place!  Visited Ernie there – who had been here at Christmas – he from here to skilled level of care at the nursing home.

Did I tell you we got free tickets for Sr. Village for DISNEY ON ICE – it was a beautiful show & for many of them the 1st ice show they had seen.

We have sent out / given out 500 invitation to our open house.  It's supposed to be RSVP – but so far only  8  people have confirmed!  It will be pure guess work when I order the cookies & paper-goods tomorrow for the party!  Right now I just wish it was already over!

Wendy Jean called tonight – she has taken up an interest in SPANISH – & has some tapes that she would have liked to have played while we were on the phone!  She is such a character!

We have had  3  people more in this last week & have  3  more moving in this week.  One of the new ones cries most of the time.  The ladies that are in the house with her have volunteered to help me 'KILL HER' (their wording) I've told Sybel (the CRIER) that she must go outside to cry – just as we require smokers to go outside to smoke.  I'm afraid she is going to get her tear ducts infected – & I told her that too!

The psych nurse saw Sybel – but she is already on so many psych drugs she can't be put on more.

Think I mentioned the gal that moved in that had a major stroke at 32 – When she gave birth.  MARGE – she is doing great – happy to report!

Sid is busy, busy, busy w/ the NARFE news letter.  It's good that he enjoys it all so much – cause it is lots of work!  He does a real professional job on the paper!

Sid has been asked to be the official photographer at the State Convention – for NARFE – so it will be at Lake Havasu – the end of April.  I'm hoping to go w/ him – we will take the trailer.  I can sun tan during the day & banquet it up with Sid at night.  Now – isn't that the life?

OK – it is getting late & I best sign off.  Your letter mailed the 27th got here on the 7th – Should we blame a Federal Employee – or just the system?

Much love,

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