Sunday, February 21, 2016

1976 Roberta India Letter to MV -Feb.20

February 20, 1976
Dear Mary V,

I'll be thinking about you Feb. 28 as you celebrate your 12th birthday!

Got 2 letters today from you all – dated Feb. 1st, and Feb. 8th.  And they claim that Bombay has the best delivery in all of India.

I'm glad J.B. is taking the job at the farm – I wrote to Mr. Ream to confirm my job – you will have to come up & visit us.

How did it go at the Zakhomis? [sp?] His family in Calcutta take the prize for asking NOSY questions.  The Indian people are a curious & straight forward bunch – but his family made you feel like you are in a courtroom.

I'm really enjoying my "CARDS" – I think they are one of the best buys I've made since I've been gone!  Just wait till I get home – you'll be surprised at me!  Have learned 2 more games since I got here in Bombay – one is easy – but the other one a touch hard!

So you hope to go to Florida this summer?  How have you been saving your $ ?

Please tell Ruth S. hello for me – got a letter yesterday from her – she has been a faithful writer –

See you – March 13th – 8:30 pm!



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