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2003 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Dec.29

A hand-written personal letter was becoming rarer in 2003. This letter, in somewhat stream of conscious style, was written 20 years after Roberta's wedding to Sid and 40 years after the Key West trip during a Florida vacation. Transcription follows.


Dearest Catherine,

We tried several times to reach you while we were traveling home from  Columbus yesterday after having lunch with John and his family but were never able to reach you as the line was busy.  Did talk to MV and Ginny and Christian as well as Roberta.

Enjoyed breakfast at First Watch but I ate way too much & again at Cracker Barrel.  It was really busy & again I ate too much but we shared a chocolate dessert which Andrew and I ate the most of it.  Dad & John both refused but it was rich.

In cleaning up the table between our chairs in front of the TV I found the article about Linda Compton's son I mentioned I'd plan to bring with me.  Her dad had been quite sick – don't know if he was able to attend their wedding for he died not much after that.  The News Journal takes ages to get articles printed but maybe they hadn't had it sooner.

I did enjoy reading the Christmas letters you brought to First Watch.  In fact we both enjoyed the whole two weeks – all the special planning you did before hand.

I thought one of the best meals we had was where Wendy works.  She's a very good waitress and did a good job with our table.  We wish her success in [any] way she goes in her field and her marriage.  We both like X too and hope they are able to get another apartment to be rid of the bugs.  That's no fun!

I'd like Gerry's soup recipe too but forgot to ask when we were there.

Appreciate all your cards and telephone calls!

Much love, Mother

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