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1973 Roberta's Letter -Dec.18

Roberta's school semester is over, but life continues busily with Weight Watchers, Burdines, and Christmas in December 1973.  Transcription follows.

December 18, 1973
Dear Family,

Hi!  Was sure a nice surprise today getting that phone call . . . . . that is once I was sure nothing was wrong! (HA!)

I just got back from WW in Boynton.  Remember the woman that I told you about losing 13½ pounds her first week?  Well – she lost 2½ pounds this last week!  She's the only new one in the class – but I imagine after the 1st of the year we'll have lots of new ones that ate their way through the holidays!

As I said on the phone I got my grades today – got a 'B' out of my Criminal Justice course and also out of Psychology.  That nasty 'C' came in my deviance course - the one I had the take home exam in.  Of course – it's a 5 hour class!  But the CRJ course was a 5 hour class & Psych 4 hours.

I almost had trouble cashing your check today - the tuition check - down at the bank.  The teller didn't want to cash it - or rather told me I couldn't because I didn't have that much in my account.  But I told her I wanted to talk to Mr. Garnett – after a few minutes after I talked to him I had no trouble!

I got a really nice note & Christmas card from Ruth Shoemaker today.  I finally got all my cards out last night – but did send n=out more than the original 25 as I had 1st planned!!!

The "We-Care" contest at Burdines will be over this Saturday.  So Saturday I'll know if I win the big $100.00 or not.  The other 3 winners – one man & 2 ladies (both much older than me) are all very nice.  The four of us do get "treated" to a dinner in the tea-room – I've never even eaten up there yet!  (They say the food isn't really too good!)  I'll let you all know when I call Christmas who wins.  By the way - the other three have all worked for B's for years!  My friends were all kidding me that I hadn't worked there long enough "To Go Sour!"

We've been so busy at work.  I was suppose to work every day this week but then personnel dept said we couldn't work 7 days straight so I got today off.  I think we've sold more games since Thanksgiving than we have ever since I joined the dept.  Also the good pens (CROSS PENS, etc) are good sellers.  We're also selling lots of picture frames & photo albums.  Well – in general we're selling lots of everything.  But  imagine after a week from today business will slow up quite fast.  So will my hours – HA!  I did see the list for our dept of mark-downs for the after Christmas Sale.  There are going to be some good buys – games that had been $8.00 marked to $2.99 - etc.

After Christmas I am planning on getting my picture taken as a Christmas present for you all.  A late Christmas present.  I hope though by now you have gotten 3 packages from me.

Well - gotta go.  Thanks again for your letter today Mom and also that phone call!  Will call you a week from today –– to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Love, Berta
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