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1973 Roberta Letter -Dec.13

Busy time in Florida, mid-December of 1973. Background information on Burdines found on Wikipedia. Transcription follows.

 December 13, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  I just got done w/ my supper, the Lawrence Welk program is on so thought I better get a letter off to you all – along w/some Christmas cards.  I bought one box of 25 cards and when they are used up – I'm done!  I got started last night on them – got a grand total of -8- out!!

Mary Virginia _ we all enjoyed your Christmas cards and also your letter.  Mom – we got your letter today written on the say to Cincinnati.  I'm glad Serena made it up to Maine after all.  I hope she doesn't get too cold up there – I think I'd go there in the summer - HA - in order to stay warm!!

I handed in my last exam yesterday.  It was a take home.  Grandma rode down w/me when I took it down.  If I drive down to pick up my grades I can get them either next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  OR – they won't mail them out till after the 1st of the year.  I think I'll go down & get mine.  I figure uncertainty is worse than bad news!  HA!

The Buick got its new battery last night.  It was completely dead – Uncle Bill had to start it w/ jumper cables in order to get it going!

As I told Dad on the phone one of the women at W.W. lost 13½ her first week.  She told me her husband was sure she had read her "program" wrong because she was eating so much!  She was overjoyed that she had lost so much – and of course I was pretty happy myself!  The Boynton Beach class is a new one – only -8- people so far.  We meet in the Ephs (sp?) Church down there.

Mother did you mean that Shirley P. M. had gained 10 or 100 pounds since I knew her last?

I didn't lose anything this last week – but didn't gain anything either.  Everytime I sign the payroll at W.W. I have to put my weight after it – weighed in by somebody else even!  Sunday there is going to be a party at the main office for all W.W. clerks & lecturers but I couldn't get off work at Burdines.  They are even serving everyone lunch.  I'll be anxious to know what they serve!

Larry – Marianne's husband just called –– he's in Florida for a few days visiting his mother.  He said Marianne was sure excited before she got on the plane [to go to Senegal with Rob & Cris]!  They talked to her Monday night – and she said that she had more than 44 pounds of luggage!

Mother - hope you had a real nice birthday – we were sorry we missed talking to you when we called.

I worked today at Burdines –– we were quite busy!  I work tomorrow morning for W.W. –– then starting Saturday I'll be working at Burdines for the next 8 days straight.  But not all full days – 1 day only 4 hours and 2 days only 6 hours.

Thanks for sending the Lynch address – I had planned on sending them a Christmas card.

John - let us know when you find out the results on your test.

Dad - thanks for renewing the insurance on the Buick.

Well, I better close –– I'll drop you all a note later.

Love, Berta

PS Mother - you must be busy - we saw in the paper one night your name on the society page three times – 1) Lions party 2) meeting at Elzroths and 3) shower you had sent a gift to.

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