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1922 Jean's Baby Book

1922 Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible - Baby Book
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Our Baby
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Cover
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book
Miss Agnes Tueby and Miss Mildred Mabeu, Nurses.  Dr. W Clarke Maxwell, Dr. Hartman - interne.  Baby's Name: Jean Wallace Ballantyne.  Born Dec 11th 1922 Monday 4: P.M.  Place of Birth: Columbia Hospital Pittsburgh Pa  [Columbia Hospital was on Penn Ave in Wilkinsburg, just outside of Pittsburgh.  The hospital was associated with the Presbyterian Church, when a new building was erected across the street the old Columbia became a nursing care center.  The newer hospital closed ~1993. --Rootsweb]
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Facts: Weight, Parents and Grandparents
Baby's Weight 
at birth 6 lb. 9 oz. 
January 8 - 7lb 9oz
January 11, 1 month old - 7'14"
February 11, 2 months - 9'12"
March 11, 3 months - 11'
4 Months - 12½'

Baby's Parents
Lucie Brown Ballantyne [1880-1957]
Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne [1868-1949]

Adrain [sic] Wilmer Brown [1855-1906]
Mary Morrow Brown [1857-1890]
Alexander Ballantyne [1841-1885]
Irene Freeman Brown [1840-1906]
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Gifts
 Baby's first Laugh
Jan 20th

Baby's Gifts
Sweater & Bonnet & Booties - "Dear" [step-grandmother Ola Moore Brown 1862-1926]
Dress, Pillow, Pina[fore?] & Booties - Aunt Leora [Leora Hay Scott Brown 1880-1944]
Stockings, Dress & Blanket - Uncle Bert [Robert Morrow Brown 1877-1946]
Shoes & 1.00 - Aunt Cora [Cora Brown, sister of Adrian, 1856-1923]
Blanket - Aunt Sur. 
Booties - Bertha McLane
Brush Comb Mirror Set - Eleanor Eva Stuart
Brush & Comb Powder Box - Cousin Scott [John Scott Brown 1911-1956]
Crepe de Chine jacket - Mr & Mrs Dixon
Hoop holder for Robe - Cousin William
Clothes Hanger - Mildred [?] Shoup
Knitted [?] Sacque [gown] - James Mordfert [?]
Pillow Cover & Bonnet - Nancy S... Lowrey
Stork Pants - Mrs. Edith Se...h
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Events
Babyhood Events
Jean Wallace Ballantyne
was baptized Nov. 11, 1923
by Rev. W. E. Allen at the 
Presbyterian Church.  A fine 
little girl.  11 months old
that day.

Jean had her hair bobbed
April 13, 1925
and went to her first
party At Milly Love 
Gardner's.  She enjoyed 
London Bridge very much 
and all the games.

Among the first words
she said was "Mamie"
her nurse's name
"Oh! Boy! - Sure
"Poppy." Mommie

Her first trip was to New Cumberland in February 1923.

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