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1973 Gladys Heistand Uible Letter Dec.30

This letter from Grandma was included in the same envelope with one from Roberta dated December 29. Though undated we can assume this one was written the Sunday after Christmas in Lake Worth. Grandma believes in long paragraphs (to save space?) but a few have been added to make the printed version more readable.  Transcription follows.

Sun. evening
Dear Family -

At the moment it is rather quiet.  Supper over Mary & Bill left for evening service & Roberta is doing a little writing.  Cris & Laurna [this would be Uncle Bill's brother Cris 1910-1991, and his wife] were here for dinner & a pick up evening meal.  They enjoy watching the Ball games which were on this afternoon.

We were supposed to have a group of colored singers from Delray Beach for part of our morning service, for some reason they were late in arriving so Rev. Rabb didn't give them much time.  They were really good & we did enjoy hearing them sing.  We were told by one of the fellows after service there was a misunderstanding about getting gas Sat. & getting together to-day.  Starting next Sun. until Easter we will have 2 morning services.  No Sun. have we had an overflow to date & don't think we would.  There are a number of vacant apts. & rooms at the present which we haven't had for several years.  The tourist class was 29 this morning.

So far we have been keeping the cars about 3/4 full of gass [sic] with no trouble as yet obtaining same.  But for how long?  We have heard from each one of the family & it won't be long now until the weary (?) travelers will be coming into Miami Tues noon about 12:30 I believe.  [Referring to Rob, Cris & Marianne who have been visiting Joe in Senegal.]  No water during the day.  They have each written about the dirt along with several interesting happens. [sic]  I am sure they have had a good time.  Robbie is still thinking about his meals at home.  They had a Christmas tree & made their own decorations.  We are leaving ours up here at the house until the boys see it.  Rob will start to school Wed. & Cris leaves Thurs. I believe for Ga. Tech.

My new tax book came Sat. to use again so will total up some of my accounts in Jan.  I mailed the final check for 1973 taxes Sat. so that has been taken care of.

I did get to Dr. Tucker for my nose & throat examination & since he is a (true) allergic Dr. he said perhaps I should do this & that but at the present I am not inclined, throwing away my woolens, feathers & the like & taking tests.  I am not that bad off.

Between Lake & Lucerne from back of the library the Apt. house & several business places have been wrecked, up to near L for a new Bank bldg. Mary said.

Have the new Drs.? been busy or is there any comment here & there up to this time?  It is now bed time & I do have my heating pad in use so will get rid of it.  Have a Happy New Year every one. –– Love, Mother
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