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1973 Roberta's letter -Dec.3

Roberta shares her "shocking" news in early December 1973. Transcription follows.

December 3, 1973
Dear Family,

Hi! Just got back from W.W. –– compared to last week we really had a good week.  Last week more people gained more weight than the number who lost.  Tonight everyone lost – except for one woman who gained 1 pound!!  She had eaten a hot fudge sundae, potato chips & I'm not sure what all else.  I wish she had gained more than -1- pound!!

Boy - did I get some shocking news today – on my last psychology test I was one lousy point away from an 'A' – I got a 'B' on it!  After getting 2 'C's I'm very happy about that 'B'.  We just have the final left so I'm really hoping to come through ok.  Think about me a week from today - the 10th!  At 10:30 A.M. to be exact!!

This Wednesday we get our Deviance Exam – it's a take home exam - due on the 10th of December.  I'll be glad when that day is over!!

Mother – are the Hinerman's down here yet?  If they are – please send me their address & maybe Grandma & I can go up & see them over Christmas vacation.

Are you going to have your Christmas Cards out by the 8th?  I sure won't – I'm hoping to have them out by the 18th – ho, hum!!
Cris will be getting here this Friday night.  He's flying home.

I'll be anxious to go to Boynton Beach tomorrow night.  See how the W.W. people are doing.

I weigh in myself tomorrow – I'm afraid I haven't lost anything this week.

Hope all is well –– I'll write more later.

Love, Berta

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