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1973 Roberta's Letter to MV - Dec.29

Grandma may have supplied the postage (8¢) for this letter as a letter from Grandma, which will be on the blog soon, is included in the envelope. Transcription of Roberta's letter follows.

December 29, 1973

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thank you very much for the Christmas card AND Christmas money!!  You really know what I can use.  I haven't spent it yet, but when I do (and I doubt if it will be too long now) I'll let you know what I buy with it!

What did you all do Christmas day?  I was sure surprised to hear that you weren't up till about 7:30!!  But that's about what tome I got up!

Have you been able to do any magical tricks w/ your "Hocus-Pocus" game?

Yesterday was the last day of the after-Christmas clearance sale of Christmas cards and wrapping paper, etc.  Last night we boxed up what was left - which wasn't very much at all.  We didn't have them before Christmas - but we sure had a job the last three days!

When do you have to go back to school?  I don't have to go back till January 7th.  I'm only going to be working 2 days this coming week so I'm really going to take it easy!  I'm hoping the weather will cooperate w/ me and be really nice so I can do a few things outside.  I haven't ridden the Pink Panther for so long – I'm not even sure if it still works or not!

When I took Grandma to get her shot at the doctor's Mrs. Zimmerman asked about you.  She was the one that gave Grandma her shot - but I couldn't look.  I think the shot hurt me more than it did Grandma!

Does your choir sing anyplace very soon?  Aunt Mary often wonders about how you are coming along w/ your piano lessons.

Well - gotta go.  Write again – don't wait till next Christmas.  HA!  Thanks again for the money!

Hello to everyone ––

Love, Berta
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