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1993 Roberta's Letter -Dec.23

Twenty years and one day after Roberta's 1973 letter, is this letter from Arizona in 1993. Transcription follows.

Dear Mom & Dad,

This will be short – you know it's not till 1994 that I said I would do better in writing – HA!  (Aunt Mary technique)

We do want to thank you both for your Christmas check & Anniversary check.  The ten years have flew [sic] by - if it wasn't for Sid's Christmas letters I would forget the major details of the years!  I have bought us a surprise for Sid a 12 piece of each dinner plate, small plate & 2 sizes of bowls of a pretty corning ware – Corelle pattern - at the factory outlet store.  I've been thinking of doing this for years.  The total was $92.00.  I'm also thinking of buying 2 new kitchen chairs – the 2 we have now have had it – got them w/ a table w/ other $ Grandma gave me before we were married – years before – soon after I got to AZ.

We also just replaced the microwave we got when we got married - it cost LESS than the one we replaced – And has lots more buttons!  Quick as for minutes 1–9 –– you would love it Mom.  So pick & choose what you want your gift money to go toward.  We just appreciate it – and your generosity!

I called Angela about what weekend her pinning would be – or better if we would all come another weekend.  I can come now for $216 & w/$25 coupon - $191.  Much better deal than WPB at over $450 with $100 coupon.

Do you all have your dates for AZ yet?  Just let us know – I'll hold off on WPB ticket – mainly due to PRICE!

And how was your time in KY & further south?  I'm sure Mary V & Don enjoyed having you w/them & now that their life is back to normal (???) happy to have Miss Ginny back.  I still think of spelling it w/ JENNY!

Your time must seem extra having the active 1½ year old around!  We would like her to come here – in about 4-5 years!

We had dinner w/Morgans last nite.  Wendy had on T-shirt & shorts – Scottish weather she must have got used to.  We ate at TGI FRIDAY's – we hadn't been there for years.  I want to take Sid to Applebee's.  There is one North of us – on Bell.

Sara (Sid's daughter) will be her 1/16 – 20th or so.  She never seems to worry about AIR FARES – flies in on Sunday – instead of the cheaper Sat. nite stay.  Tho this time works out better for us – Wendy will be here 13th - 16th.

OH – I gotta go – thanks again for all – we appreciate GUIDEPOST – too – mostly keep it in the Bathroom!  HA, HA (as Mares would say!)

CHRISTMAS BEST –––––  Love, Roberta

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