Sunday, December 01, 2013

1963 Roberta to Florida

Shortly after the assassination of JFK and Thanksgiving in 1963, Roberta left for a month in Florida with Grandma and Granddad, most likely following their usual routine of spending two nights at "historic" hotels between New Vienna and Lake Worth.  Here are two postcards from her trip, one to Master John (Berea KY) and one to Catherine (Valdosta GA).  Transcriptions follow.

1963 Roberta's (four penny) postcard to John -Nov.29
[postmarked Nov 29, 1963]
Dear John,
We are now waiting for our breakfast.  The time is twenty till nine.  Please send me a card.  We are now in Berea waiting for lunch.  The time is 12:00 noon.  Love, Robert[a]  P.S. The snow is still with us.

Lowndes County Court House, Valdosta GA 1963 postcard from Roberta to Catherine - Nov.30
[postmarked Nov 29, 1963]
407 miles today
Hi!  This is where we are staying tonight.  Kress has twin jack set in store.  Weather good but cool.  We are now waiting for our food to come for supper.  (time 5:45 PM) Roberta

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