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1983 Family Letter -Dec.6

Prior to the family get-together in Arizona for Roberta & Sid's wedding, this letter from 1983, indicates the usual busy life in New Vienna. Transcription follows.

December 6, 1983

Dear Family:

Last Saturday was the annual Church Bazaar, in fact the 11th one.  They netted around $1500.00.  We left around 3 to take Grandma and Mie Young to the Columbus airport for their flight to WPB and NY respectively.  Yes, they were on the same plane as far as NY.  We have heard from Grandma who got there fine and was in Sunday School the next morning.

We had made plans to go on a picnic with the Goodings on Sunday but the rainy weather made it an inside get together.  In the afternoon we went to downtown Cincinnati as the remodeled Netherland Plaza was having an open house.  Interesting enough the original hotel cost 7 million some fifty years [ago] and they have spent 25 million on it recently.  Also under construction in Cincinnati is a new Hyatt Hotel and Saks Fifth Avenue Dept. Store.

Mary Virginia attended a weekend retreat with 16 other women from the Port William United Methodist Church near Waverly, Ohio.  She thought the experience was a rewarding one.  Looking ahead, we are signed up for the Gothard Seminar in Dayton next April.  X, John and MV all thought it was worthwhile this past Spring.

Dad was one of the participants in an Eagle Scout program last night in Martinsville.  These two boys did not have the ZIP that John has, for both only had the minimum number of badges required.

We have "laughted" [sic] about people trying to buy these "cabbage faced" dolls.  Hard to believe thate [sic] people will stand in line all night for the chance to buy one.  Unfortunately our type of products at Wells are not that much in demand.  We do have a new machine that "spits" out the slugs for making balls which is an improvement over our old extruder.

Plans are coming along for the wedding . . . which we are looking forward to along with getting all the family together.  This should make us familiar with the Phoenix airport as Serena arrives on the 24th, the Morgans on the 25th, then the LW group and on the 29th MV, X and John.  The Gooding gave us Trip-Tik for the drive out from their local AAA.

We had our last fresh tomatoes from the garden yesterday.  Still have fresh cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower from the garden yet to eat . . . . notto [sic] mention the frozen items on hand.

December is rapidly filling up and many things to get done before we can take off for Arizona but we are looking forward to being together with all of you - wish that you might all be there earlier but thankful that you are each able to make it for Roberta and Sid's wedding.

[Love, etc]
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