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1963 Roberta's letter -Dec

Seventh grade in Florida continues for Roberta in 1963 in this undated letter. Transcription follows

Dear family, 

Hi!  Today is the frist [sic] has poured down R-A-I-N but it certainly made up for it today.

Joe, Mary Ann, Cris and I went together for a gift for Robbie and we got a Army Outfit for $3.96 and then the day after we went to the shopping center you know where the S&S [?] Cafetia [sic] is we saw the same thing for $1.59 and was in better shape.

My teacher said today that she has never seen snow in her life (poor thing).

I have received a lot of letters.

We saw in the Miamie [sic] Hearld [sic] that it was down to 0 in Columbus while it is 70 in Fla. (laugh)

We ate at S&S yesterday for lunch.

Last night at methodist church they had a christmas singing program.

love, Roberta U
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