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1973 Roberta's Letter -Dec.22

Christmas is fast approaching in south Florida, 1973.  Roberta's using the stationery that was misprinted by Burdines.  Transcription follows.

December 22,
Dear Family,
Hi! Only 2 more shopping days till Christmas and boy am I glad!  After today I'm completely worn out!  I just don't see how the shoppers all have so much energy – most of them must have desk jobs!  HA!

It's 10:45 p.m. - and I just got done eating my supper.  Despite the late hour I still had a pretty good one - liver, aparagus (sp?) and green pepper (w/my liver) It was all very good.  I've gotten so I really like apagarus [sic] - except it's so expensive!

I've worked late every night this week.  Tomorrow (Sunday) the store will be open 11:00 till 7:00.  Monday the store will just be open till 5:30.  Then after Christmas I'm not going to be working as much!

Thanks today for the Christmas Newsletter & also personal letter.  We also heard from Cris today.  He didn't say anything too shocking – said that they had eaten hamburgers & F.F's.  It (the letter) was written the day after they got there. [Senegal, visiting Joe]  It's hard for me to believe that I was there just a year ago this time.

We've had quite a few Christmas cards from some of the shop people – Donna Brown, Arlene Curtis, Rosemary Gilland, & Mrs. Salisbury.

I didn't win the contest.  Fran Quightey [?] did – she'll be happy when she gets back.  She left this morning for Chicago for a week.  My divisional manager said that on almost every form w/out fail that a customer filled out on me that they said that I really knew my merchandise & stock.  He said he was happy about that.  Now that I didn't win I don't have to worry about spending the money!!  HA!

It's been so cold down here – but still not as cold as I read about in the paper for Ohio – or Maine!!

I'm enclosing an article that was in the Palm Beach County paper.  The picture is of Jennifer - my dept. manager and one of our display tables.  I thought it was a pretty good article.

When I was out at the shopping mall on Friday I bought some dry soybeans - Grandma cooked them up yesterday.  They tasted pretty good - on W.W. you eat them instead of meat.  They are much cheaper – also a nice change!

The other morning I had blueberry pancakes – except they turned out to be more like a pudding.  I put a piece of white bread, an egg, and ¼ cup of blueberries in the blender – w/some vankilla, artificial sweetner & water.  After I blended that all up I added the other ¼ cup of berries – then put the "batter" in a teflon skillet.  I guess I added too much liquid – but like I said it was a very good pudding.  I just put it in a bowl & got out a spoon!

I've got a good recipe for apple cookies – I'll let you know how they come out.  I'm afraid most of my W.W. people aren't trying too hard w/ the "holiday season" here.  they all seem satisfied if they just stay the same.

Tomorrow at work there is a free buffet – for anyone who works.  I'm going to go – hope there will be some food there that I can eat!

Better get some sleep for now –

Love, Roberta
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