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1973 Catherine's Letter to MV -Dec.19

Catherine writes to Mary, December 1973. Transcription follows.

 Wednesday morning

December 19, 1973
Dear Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for the letters and the Christmas card we've gotten from you lately.  Your present arrived yesterday, we thought we'd wait until Christmas to open it though.  I hope you like what we got you.

Your Christmas card was the first one we received.  We haven't gotten too many, but that could be because we only sent one.  It was one that somebody sent to us but they didn't sign it so I signed our names to it and mailed it on.  Personally, I would rather get a letter than a Christmas card so I send people letters.

We enjoyed having Serena here and now we're looking forward to having you come.  Kuman is especially lonesome with Serena gone as Serena played with Kuman alot.

I just put a new ribbon in the typewriter before I began this letter but I guess the typewriter needs cleaned or something because it isn't working too well.  It makes a funny loud noise instead of a hum too.  It sounds more like an idling motorcycle than a typewriter.

What are you going to do during Christmas vacation?  How much time off will you have.  WE took a vacation day yesterday but we didn't do much but read and then in the evening we went to the college library.  We get the Saturday and the Monday before both Christmas and New Years off.  So we will have two four day weekends.

This is some old stationery I found at the library.  [Picture of old house on reverse]  I also found a whole bunch of postcards that say to put a 1¢ stamp on them.

I have worn that cape you gave me last Christmas quite a bit.  Earlier in the fall when it was cool but not cold enough for a coat I wore it to work almost every day.  I really like it.  I was thinking that sometime I might make myself another one in a different color.

Where did you get the stationery with the frogs on it?  I like it.

X is about to take Kuman to the vet to get her 1974 license and I have to go hang some clothes out so I better close.  Write again soon!

Love, Cathy
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