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1972 Roberta's Christmas Card from Senegal -Dec.18

Roberta's 1972 trip was one of many family trips to visit Joe in Dakar, Senegal: Harold & Jean in April 1971; Marianne, Cris & Rob went at Christmas time in 1973; Catherine, Christmas 1976.  Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary also visited.  Another family trip to Senegal occurred in December 1931 (about forty years before Joe's arrival) when Agnes Morrow Scandratt, first cousin 2x removed of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins, described her visit in her book, Lights are Bright, Sir.  Her Senegal visit is transcribed in this blogpost,
Roberta's Christmas Card from Senegal, December 1972 
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Dec. 18, 1972
Hi!  Over here - really keeping busy.  Saturday we went to the island of GorĂ©e – had a picnic lunch before going right near the bay.  In a tree right near us we saw 4 monkeys.  It was really funny.  Joe said it was the 1st time he had seen monkeys right in Dakar.

This morning we are to go & see Joe's class.  That should be interesting!

Yesterday we went to the Univ. of Dakar & ate lunch & was shown around by 2 students from Nigeria - friends of Joe's.  From there we went to the museum downtown of African Art.  The two from Nigeria went down there with us.  They explained alot of the stuff to us.

Then last night we helped Joe grade some papers, add up his grades, etc.

Yesterday we also went into the home where Joe eats part of his meals.  They were all very nice - though only 2 of them could speak English (very little at that)

We are learning a little bit of Wolof - Joe is a good teacher!

Well - I better be closing –
Joe is waiting on me –
Will write more later ––

Love, Bert

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