Friday, December 27, 2013

1973 Catherine Letter to MV -Dec 28

December 28, 1973

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for the letter and the clipping about Shirley Bernard's wedding.  I like your big stationery.

We really enjoyed your Christmas present – especially since we knew you made them yourself.  They are X's favorite kind.  I hope you liked the chair.  How big is it when it's blown up?  We'll be looking forward to your coming so you can make us more goodies.

It is warm (45º+) and sunny outside today so I washed three loads of clothes and hung them out to dry.  Kuman and I also went for a walk.  It has rained alot lately so everything is soggy and it is good to have some sunshine.  Our driveway is full of muddy ruts –– I hope it dries up some before it freezes.

After today we don't have to work again until next Wednesday.  X will be working with Mike Gallo on the chalet they're building.

What other things did you get for Christmas?  I got some tarot cards, a big puzzle, a nightgown, perfume, pants suit, bicycle light (generator type) and a bicycle odometer.

Well, I've got to change my clothes for work now.  Write again soon.

Love, Cathy
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