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1973 Roberta Letter Dec.27

December 27, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  This may be a pretty short note because I'm really tired, worn out, and fatigued!  I'll sure be glad to see the end of this week come – because then I'm only going to be working at B's on Saturdays & Sundays – and 4 hours on Thursdays.

We've been so busy at work today & yesterday.  Yesterday we sold almost 23 hundred dollars worth of Christmas cards, Christmas wrap etc!! - ALONE  That's not counting games or stationary.  We had three cash registers in the dept. and about eight women who didn't know what they were doing!!  All in all - it was a real RIOT.  I worked from 9:40 to 5:40 and boy did the day go fast!  Also get this – we had 45 boxes of Christmas cards that had to be unpacked.  I mean huge boxes!

Today again was busy –– but nothing like it was yesterday!  Thanks Goodness!  Never in my life have I experienced anything like yesterday.  People were shoving - elbowing everyone – you name it!  All the Christmas cards, wrap, etc. were half price.  Some people really went crazy buying!

After my relaxing (HA!) day yesterday I had a W.W. in Boynton Beach last night.  Only six people came to be weighed in.  I'm so afraid we're gong to have alot of weight gains next week.  OH –– starting next week my Boynton Beach class will be meeting in Lantana – which is much better for me!

I went yesterday morning to be weighed in myself and pick up some things I need for my classes.  I've lost another 8 ounces – I remember when I lost pounds – now I love ounces!  But I'm not complaining!  I got my Christmas presents from W.W. – I got a big "Weight Watchers" plaque to put on the front of my car - you know instead of a front tag.  But I can't use it because of my Ohio licenses.  Also got a W.W. date log - full of cute sayings, etc.  And a W/W name badge - along w/ lots of lecture ideas.  (I REALLY NEED THEM) But – in general - I usually have no trouble in lack of words at my meetings. (HA!)

I want to thank you all for the check and both pair of ear-rings.  Where did you get the crab pair - they are most unusual!

I'm planning on saving the money till the Spring clothes come in - which won't be long now.  I did buy a red/white/blue jacket yesterday.  It had been $40.00 but it was marked down to 26.00 - w/25% I only had to pay 20.00 so I think I got a pretty good deal.  It's really pretty & goes w/ my navy blue pants and also a navy blue skirt that Aunt Mary gave me.  It used to be hers – but now it's too little for her!  Now for the bragging - the jacket is a size 10 and fits me perfect.  I'm almost completely flat chested now!  HA!

I made my apple cookies tonight - they were real good - except they stuck to the wax paper!  The recipe made about 12 cookies & I got to eat them all – I did give Aunt M & Uncle B & Grandma all a small one!  It (the cookies) used up my entire milk allotment & 1 fruit.  NO "pudding" for me tonight!!

Serena – how is work going?  How many days of work are you going to be able to get in?  What all are you doing down there?  Tell everyone hello for me. ––

The Wigets also called me on Christmas Day.  I don't think they will be doing much traveling soon in their big trailer.  You know – the kind you drive.

We had a very nice Christmas here - we went & got Aunt Sarah about 9:00 A.M. & then opened up the presents, etc.  I had bought them all some donuts (Dunkin donuts - John!) so they had donuts Christmas morning.

I got a pair of silver ear-rings from Uncle B & Aunt M.  Also a stand for my ear-rings.  And a check for a new dress - or something.

Well, I better close – Thanks again for every thing – Happy New Year!

Love, Berta

Mary V – look for "something" in the mail.
John – don't you & Mary V. eat too much candy!!
Serena – initials are for you.  I have some for everyone else too – but the others are temporarily LOST.
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