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1993 Roberta's letter -Dec.9

A quick note from Roberta after she returns home from Grandma's funeral. Transcription follows.


Dear Dad & Mom,

I can't believe it's been over a week since we got back [from Grandma's funeral].  I just got my suitcase unpacked so I'm beginning to make progress!

It's been a busy – busy time at work – usual Christmas rush with individual & groups all wanting to do something "special" for us this season.  We are only here 12 months a year . . . . .

Bet you all have received lots more sympathy cards – I've received lots here – esp. from Sr. Village residents – & their families.

I'm enclosing the original & a copy of Rev. Johnson's service.  Thought the graveside service & memorial service for Grandma were very well done –– meaningful.

When are you all coming to AZ?  We would be happy to see you all use the trailer.  The switches are easy to use – and learn to operate!!

I sent Charlie & Nadine one of those cute CAT Christmas decorations we got last year at Cracker Barrel for 75¢-1.00.  They were originally $4.00.  I'll enclose a note received from Heartland.  I did tell them the $ came from all the family.

We had never heard of BARNEY before being around Miss Ginny – now we constantly see BARNEY toys – sheets, etc.  We think it's great for you both to be taking care of Ginny this busy holiday season.

Enjoyed the play – CHRISTMAS CAROL last night at the Herberger.  We had 20 tickets – at $25 each!  (given to us!)

Hope this gets to you on your BIRTHDAY – but if not thought you would rather have a note w/ –– even if arrives late!  Will try to be a better letter writer in 94 - HA, HA!  (As Mares would write & her mom!)  Much love, Roberta
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