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1972 Joe's letter to Uibles - Dec. 31

Joe writes a final letter of 1972 after Roberta's visit with him in Senegal.  Joe or Roberta will have to enlighten us as to what a "Boubon bou n'dawl's" might be.  Transcription follows.
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Le 31 décembre 1972
Dakar, Sénégal
Dear Uibles,
Rec'd your aerogramme yesterday.  Roberta and Julie have told you by now our adventures in Africa.  I know they had a good time and I think I did more than they.  I really enjoyed Mauritania   I bought this beautiful rug there – I love it. Roberta, I went downtown again and bought 2 more pieces of material for two more "Boubon bou n'dawl's."  I hope you wore yours off the plane!  Things are so quiet here since you left.  I'm having a hard time adjusting to it.  I liked your company - Pap and Aliou were just into say hello.  Pap has a cold and Aliou was shivering from the cold.  Roberta will tell you about this card.  We stayed not far from the mosque in the picture.  I made a black border and put the picture in a frame.  It makes a nice souvenir, I think.  Did you get all your things through customs?  Someone sent you a Christmas card so I forwarded it yesterday.  I'll do the same with others.  To celebrate the coming new year, I'm going to the movies with Aliou.  I don't feel like a big celebration!

The mother of the family where I eat lunch has been sick for a week now.  It's hard on the whole family.  She's got something wrong with her breast.  They operated at the hospital two days ago but she seemed to get worse afterwards.  I don't know what's wrong.

I would sure like to spend some with you all soon.  Homemade ice cream, a little snow, hot chocolate and a warm fire!

Roberta, I'll send the pictures as soon as I get them.  The colored ones you can send on to my parents and they can keep them.  The black and white ones are for you to keep.  Make copies of my slides that you like.  Well, Happy New Year to you all.  Love, Joe

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