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1987 MV's Letter -Apr. 17

April 17, 1987
Psalm 119:32
     I will run the way of Thy commandments, when Thou shalt enlarge my heart.

"Are you thinking something is impossible to do?  Perhaps you don't see why it should be done at all.

"There are two possible reasons for this.  One is a kind of smallness of heart that the devil delights to encourage.  The other is a dullness of sight that comes only too easily if we look at ourselves and not 'away unto' our Lord Jesus.

"The one certain way of escape from these two conditions is: Look at Calvary.  Look till your dull eyes clear and you see love that poured forth all, counting nothing too precious to give for love of you.  Don't hurry away.  Look, and as you look a change will pass over you.  You will see that what previously looked impossible is really the only possible thing for a follower of the Crucified to do.  It will be as if scales fell from your eyes (as they did from Paul's), and you will see clearly again.

"Then your narrow heart will become enlarged and you will run to do what you could not even crawl towards doing before."
–Amy Carmichael

I feel as if I've only begun to look at Calvary -- and at times I wonder if I'm even crawling!  Hopefully by now you've discovered that this isn't merely a xeroxed insert for a graduation announcement, but a vehicle to share some of the things the Lord has been doing since I might have communicated with you last.

First of all, God has opened the door at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore Kentucky (just south of Lexington -- or is it Louisville?!) . I'm so excited about this new phase and to be starting in the Church Music program there in September, which will take two years to complete and will result in a Masters of Arts in Religion degree.  Asbury is a small, fundamental seminary which is closely tied with the evangelical wing of the Methodist church.

In the meantime, God opened yet another door in the way of a job opening.  I had asked originally that He would give me a part-time job at minimum wage, just so I could have some income.  Beyond my wildest imagination, God blessed me with a salaried, 8-5 job as an advertising representative at the local daily newspaper.  It's a very challenging job to meet deadlines and try to please picky clients, but God is teaching me through it and I get to get out of the office to go visit my clients . . . . I couldn't have asked for a better job or more chances to witness!!

I am in the process of planning a trip West this summer with my parents.  As of this moment, all plans are tentative, no details definite.  I hope to be able to see many of you, and will let you know if the Uible-mobile (name of our van) will be in the area.  (Check this same station for further details)

Seriously, I sincerely apologize for the xerox, but I PROMISE a personal reply to anyone inclined toward communication.  Keep looking toward Calvary . . .

[Love, Mary Va.]

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