Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -May 3

[Postmarked May 3, 1967]
Dear Family,

Hi  Things are almost back to normal now!  We got back in school at 1:45 – just in time for shop class.  We enjoyed our lunch very much and the cake, everything else, too!  Helen asked about the bus ticket – what do you suggest?  Helen said she was going to send a "thank-you letter" to you but I said I would thank you for her.  Save her some money that way!

Have you checked into summer school yet?  If I take Geometry this summer and do bad then I will have already some insight into it.  But if I do good I would be able to take advanced geometry next year or maybe not at all.  I would also like to take drivers ed. of course.

I do not want to join J.R. Swim Club!  I would rather go and give my money to the Republican Central Committee!

Would there be room for me to take a guest to Lakeside???  If there isn't it's ok but I just wondered if I could take someone.

Will be home in 32 more days.  See you all then.



P.S.S.  Did you all get my grade card.

P.S.S.S. – Got extra big letter from Aunt Mary – Wow!  Was it ever long!

I found my stamps – in my desk, like Helen said – Now I have lost my stationery!  Found this envelope in suitcase.

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