Saturday, April 15, 2017

1987 Catherine's James Stevenson postcard -Apr.16

Hi!  Hope you are both recovered from jet lag by now [trip to Brazil].  It was good talking to you on the phone.  Is Grandma all settled back in Ohio?  We had our first 100º today – didn't seem too hot though.  Maybe we are getting acclimated!  We have to leave the air conditioner on about 80-85º or the house feels like an oven when we get home.  Wendy got her first report card (here) last week and did well – especially well in spelling.

I'm helping to do a workshop next week on choosing books for juvenile detention libraries.  I'll be doing reviews / book talks on "series."   These places have 80% boys so the focus is on high interest/low reading level for teenage boys.  I'm doing this as a "county" employees along with a H.S. librarian & a YA librarian from Glendale.

Lots of love,
Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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