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1977 Catherine's Letter -May 3

May 3, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter.  That was a real quick response.  Roberta must really be anxious to get to Calif. if she is going to fly.  Maybe she's just getting used to spending money.

We did get all moved over the weekend.  It's a relief to get that done.  The extra space is really nice although we're not too well organized yet.  Gerry has been working on the furniture.  He is putting polyurethane on the table and chairs and the end tables.  The table is gong to take quite a few coats.  He put a grey stain on the rocking chair and then a coat of polyurethane over that.  It looks really nice.

Gerry is to go to the Dr. this afternoon about his knee so I don't know too much yet.  He quit smoking about 2 1/2 weeks ago and now he is concerned about gaining weight.  I seem to be gaining weight too.  According to our scales I've gained 3 pounds since I went to the Doctor last (7 pounds altogether) and I don't go back until May 20.  Hope I don't gain any more before then.

The Reds seem to be getting started.  We went a Padres game last night and they ended an 8 game losing streak by beating Philadelphia a real exciting game 4-3.

What a surprise about the blouses.  I'll be looking forward to seeing them after all the suspense.  I wore my maternity clothes to work yesterday for the first time.  Two of the girls said – "But you don't look pregnant."  So today I'm back to regular clothes.  I still have two outfits I can wear.  My waistline is definitely expanding though – they get tighter every week.

Well my lunch hour is about over so I better close.  Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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