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1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.7

[postmarked April 7, 1967]
Dear Family,

Last night and today both we have these people, about 8 of them from a Quaker school in Mass.  There program is alot different from ours.  They have no dorms, they live in a "family unit" of 8 kids at the house of a teacher and his family.

Tomorrow starts "Viet Nam" week-end.  Since these people are not coming till Friday night we are going to change our schedule all around so that we have free time all tomorrow and Saturday all night and all day we will be hearing about Viet Nam.  We will be able to go to town and everything tomorrow just as if it was Saturday!

This morning Teacher Tom announced that no week-ends should be taken after May 7th.  Except for special reasons – funerals, weddings, that type of stuff.  Should I write Aunt Virginia a letter asking if it would be OK for me to come and spend a week-end with her?

We are now studying "The tragedy of Julius Caseur (sp?)" in English.  It is the second time I have studied it now so I hope I do pretty good.  We all got the paper back edition of it (cost 50¢).

I am done with "The Robe" and tonight I want to write the report so I can type it Sunday.  They aren't due until the first of May!

Did I tell you all about wanting to go to New Zealand to school my last year or maybe even the last two years?

Since I won't be taking German next year there is no chance of me being able to go to Germany.  But, in New Zealand the main language spoken is English  I want to take Spanish 1 next year and then continue it if I go to New Zealand.  I sent off for some literature in these three schools over there.  One was pretty near Wellington (the capitol) and the other two are both in the Southern Island near the bottom.  One is real close to a town called Gore and the other one is in the mountains somewhere.  I'll tell you more when I hear from them.

The 14th of this month (I think) we are going to see the movie "The Loneliness of the Long Track Runner."  I think that is the title of it.  Have you ever heard of it?

Today in the mail I got a letter from dad, post-card from mom and a letter from Grandma.  I think I will just wait until they get to New Vienna to write them back.

Well, I suppose I had better go and do my English – be sure and write and tell me what to do about my week-end off – what should I do – write Aunt Virginia and ask her?


P.S. Thanks again for such a GREAT VACATION!

Daddy, I got another bag in Lazarus!  cost 25¢

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