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1987 Family Letter -May 2

Saturday –
May 2, 1987
Dearest Family --

Seems like a long time since we have written and I am sure it is for me as Dad has done most of it lately.  Things are quiet around New Vienna except the Arts and Crafts show which is  to be downtown today blocking off the street from the park to the traffic light.  Since Jim Curtis was the main instigator of it and he passed away about a month ago it hasn't had as much push.

It has been warm during the day but the nights have been in the 40s – a little cool.  We have had rhubarb and asparagus.  There are alot of blooms on the strawberries so hopefully we will have more than last year.  Dad has been busy moving chips from the trees that were cut down & then disintegrated into little bits.  He always has some projects going.

We are anxious to hear how Catherine likes her new position at the Glendale Library which is to begin May 4th.  She has been busy finishing up the things she started for the Maricopa County library position, and I am sure they are sorry to see that she didn't stay but you can't blame her for taking the higher paying position.

Roberta and Dad are busy getting things in shape for the RAGBRAI Trip.  There are many things to get coordinated not to mention just the actual exercise.  With all the wind this week it has been difficult to pump but perhaps Dad is becoming convinced he might be able to use a fancier bike, for the uninitiated RAGBRAI stands for Register's (Des Moines newspaper) Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa).  It is over 435 mile trip.

Serena got another letter out this past week which I think we have all received – if not do let us know & we'll send you a copy.  As you can see she is super busy so doubt if she is making much use of the car but we really don't need it badly here so glad she has it.  Had hoped she might make it home for Easter but she had too much homework needing to be finished up.

We were happy to have John, Carol and Piper down for the afternoon Easter.  It is the first they have been down on Easter for quite awhile – in fact we never get to see too much of them – not as much or as often as we would like, that is.

Grandma is getting along fine – we ate out last Sunday at Ponderosa, then took her to the foot doctor on Monday.  She always enjoys getting mail.

Wells is sponsoring a softball team this summer . . last night was the first game.  Kay Dick (the atty) is the pitcher.  Oh yes, it is an all gals team.  We got home about 11 P.M.  Vanessa Brown is still playing.

Next Saturday is M.V.'s graduation.  She is to sing at the Baccalaureate (sorry on that spelling) on Friday evening.  On 2nd thought did look up the word in the dictionary.  M.V. is doing great at the News Journal – they get a bonus when the amount of advertising exceeds the amount of the year before, which makes the staff happy.

[love, etc.]

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