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1977 Catherine's Letter to John -Apr.8

April 8, 1977

Dear John,

Thanks for your letter.  We wondered why we hadn't heard from you for so long.

So do you have the Buick now or have you taken it back to New Vienna?

I hear Serena may go to Hudson Guild this summer too.  Are you going to go to school besides working?  When does Denison let out?

DeeDee is celebrating her 9th birthday tomorrow with a party at Farrell's.  Should be a real humdinger.  Mostly adults which will probably make it wilder than if it were more children.

Have you heard we are moving to Apartment A.  It is the first apartment downstairs on the right side.  The only one that is a two bedroom.  We will probably be moving around May 1st.  The new owner wants to fix it up some.

We have tickets to go to a Padres vs Cincinnati Reds game on the 16th.  Padres should have a pretty good team this year – not as good as the Red though.

I have to start work now so I'll sign off.  Write again soon!

Cathy & Gerry

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