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1967 Roberta's Letter -May 7

[May 7, 1967]
Sunday night
Dear Family,

Hi – Friday morning about 10:30 they (the teachers) announced that we would have spring outing – a yearly affair.  Well the boys went one way and we went another place owned by this man and his wife.  It was really neat – swimming, boating, canoeing and horse-back riding.  This place was about six and a half miles from the school.  You could either walk or ride bikes, I rode my bike.  We got there Friday afternoon and alot of kids went swimming or hiking.  In order to ride the horses you had to have permission from your parents which I didn't have – so I went swimming instead.  I didn't have my swim suit so I had to go in shorts and blouse.  About midnight it started raining – and hard!  So we were all back at school by eight the next morning.  Usually they always stay until after supper on Saturday.  I'll tell you more this summer.

After lunch on Saturday I was doing dish crew and Bertha came over and said there were people who wanted to see me.  Well, guess who it was?  Doctor and Mrs. Bruce!  That sure surprised me!  They had been to Williamsburg and a bunch of other places and were on their way back to Dayton.  They stayed about an hour or so,  Dave Byjeck asked me after they had left if they were my grandparents!

Included with this letter is the write-up of Mr. Cooper which was in News Week.  I paid 40¢ for the magazine so I could get it!  I bought it at Binns yesterday afternoon.  If you want to keep it – but if you don't its ok.

Got letter from Dad yesterday but no package.  I'm curious as to what else is in the package.

About summer school?  The more I think about it I could just take Drivers ed here next fall.  That way transportation would be no problem. Since it starts June 15 I'll be gone the first couple of days unless I don't go to Lakeside.  I want to go to Lakeside, so!

I got a letter yesterday from Mrs. Schamaun.  The latest news from their family is that Greg now has a motorcycle, instead of his car and that next fall he will be going to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute in Daytona Beach Florida.  Ever heard of it?  Me neither!

Well, suppose I better go – I'll see if I got any mail today and then I'll start on my home-work.  Will you all be up next weekend?  I got twenty cents from telephone company in mail yesterday – it had on my address – New Vienna – and then it was changed to here.

Love, Roberta

P.S. No mail today at all.  They never picked it up!

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