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1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.10

[Postmarked April 10, 1967]

Dear Family,

Hi – got a post-card from Dad yesterday saying that John, Serena, and himself were planning on going camping.  Did everything work out?  The weather here is terrible today!  It has been raining but fairly warm.

This morning was the last of the "Viet Nam" sessions.  I will write later about the people that spoke cause I'm not sure how you spell their names.  Most of the sessions were pretty interesting, but, one was completely unbearable!  The one that was unbearable was when this guy spoke for almost two hours on the monsoons, how much it rains, and about all these winds coming over Viet Nam!

We even had a Viet-Nam meal – Wow!  Was it ever different!  It had Rice, a whole gob of spice and I don't know what all in it!  I have the recipe for it and will bring it home this summer!

Yesterday Helen and I went to town, I bought a shaver (not electric) and a couple of other things.  All together – I spent – No, maybe I better not tell you!

We also changed our room around yesterday and bought a new mirror and a new chair.  The mirror cost $2.00 and the chair $5.00.  The chair is a Persian design and is really cushioned!

I have my name tags on most of my stuff by now, it doesn't take very much time when I use Jiffy Sew!

Is everything settled about going to Lakeside?  Is the house the one the Kuntzmans talked about?  Is the whole Beers family going?

Well – better go and do my algebra!


P.S. We aren't going to have any regular English class this week cause Teacher Tom will be in Phil. for a meeting of the Quaker schools principals.  So instead of having English we will be reading plays out of all these books he has gathered for us.

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