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1897 A.W. Brown Letter -Apr.9

National Hotel
Largest Hotel in Washington. 350 Rooms
All Modern Improvements
Opposite Pennsylvania Depot
Six Stairways to Ground Floor & Fire Escapes on all sides.
O.G. Staples, Proprietor
Walter Burton Manager

[This letter written a month after the beginning of William McKinley's first term as U.S. President.  McKinley, the 25th President took office on March 4, 1897 and was assassinated in September 1901 at the beginning of his second term.]

April 9, 1897
Dear Old Bert & Lucie:

Reached Washington all O.K., this morning.  Met E.D. Marshall and Col Taylor here.  This afternoon Col Taylor took us to the White House, and we were shown through the entire house by  a messenger who has been there since Abraham Lincoln's time.  We were shown all the private parts of the House where the President & family live, something that is not often done with visitors.  We were in the private dining room, state dining room, the private parlors, the Cabinet Room and in President McKinley's office and talked with the clerks.  He receives an average from ten to fifteen thousand letters every day.  The President is out of town on the Dolphin, taking a trip and will not return until Monday.  I looked into the White House kitchen as the door was open as we passed by.  We were shown many ornaments, selected by Arthur, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Hayes and others.

I am feeling well, and we have had a delightful time so far.  We expect to call on Senator Elkins and others.  He is in N.Y., and will not be back until to-morrow or Monday.  If you write me and I hope you will do so on Tuesday direct care National Hotel.  Col. Taylor certainly stands in at the White House as all the clerks and door-keepers know him and he seems to have all the privileges.  He told the head man he wanted to show some friends through, and he delegated the oldest & best man to take us into all of the apartments & explain us everything.

I must close with much love to all the dear ones at home.


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