Sunday, April 09, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Apr.14

Dear Mom, Dad, Mary & Roberta,

Thanks for your letter.  Your birthday card to DeeDee and the one from Grandma both arrived last Saturday, the day of her party, so we took them to her.  The package arrived on Tuesday – her birthday – but we haven't gotten it to her yet.  We've both been under the weather but I think we're sufficiently recovered to go see her tonight.  Some kind of flu/cold bug hit us both.  We couldn't find the Baby Alive deal she wanted so we got her a dart game and some other odds and ends.

Did I tell you we bought a bassinette from the people moving out of Apt. "A".  We gave them $12.50 for it.  It is white wicker and the legs fold up under it.  It has king of an ugly white skirt but I think we may skip it.  They moved out yesterday so now we just have to wait for Mr. Roemmich to get it fixed up.  I guess he's going to paint.

We still need more lamps (we only have one) and a dresser.  The kitchen has an overhead light but all of the other rooms will need some light.  One bedroom is larger than the one we have now and the other is about the same size.  All in all twice as much space as we have now.  Maybe we can keep the bicycles and other misc. items in the second bedroom.

Say hello to Grandma for us.  I'll try to write to her soon.

Catherine & Gerry

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