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1977 Catherine's Letter -Apr.21

April 21, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

It's been over a week since we heard from you so I thought I'd get a head start on answering the letter which we should be getting from you.  Last Friday we got letters from Roberta, Mary Virginia, John and a friend in Sanford and then we haven't gotten any mail since.  Saw in the paper where the postal service might eliminate Saturday deliveries to save money.

Tonight we are going to the concert – Ronnie Milsap, Tammy Wynette & The Statler Brothers.  Should be good – especially the Statler Brothers.

April 25, 1977
Well, still no letter from you.  So perhaps I should go ahead with this.

We will be moving this weekend.  Both the phone co. and the gas & electric co. are coming on Friday the 29th to change the service over from "Y" to "A".  And Frank is going to help Gerry move the furniture on Saturday afternoon.

Daylight savings time began over the weekend as I'm sure it did in Ohio.  It seemed funny that it was light until 7:30 last night.  It'll give us a chance to ride our bicycles in the evening.  Tonight we plan to go to the library.

Tomorrow night we are going to DeeDee's as her uncle is going to help Gerry change the exhaust manifold (?) on the car.  Speaking of cars – I drove in San Diego for the first time on Saturday.  Tell Roberta I drove all the way to Adams Avenue and back.  (It's about 10 blocks.)  I had to go to the bank and it was almost closing time so didn't have time to ride my bike.  Plus the furniture was about to be delivered so Gerry had to wait at home for that.

Tuesday 4-26
Other big news – Home Federal Bank sponsors a deal where at every ball game the radio people pick a person's name (if you have filled out the entry blank at the bank) and an inning number.  If the Padres get a home run during the inning the person wins $100.  Well, Saturday we were listening to the game – they were playing a double header in Houston – and during the second game they drew my name.  It sure surprised me – hearing it on the radio.  I thought it was probably somebody with the same name but then they announced the address and it was me!  Only the Padres didn't hit a home run during that inning.  At least they won the game.  Supposedly I get a consolation prize – we'll see.

Gerry has been having alot of trouble with his knee.  I finally made an appointment for him with an orthopedist (?) for next week as he kept putting it off – hoping it would get better.

I just finished reading, Random Harvest by James Hilton of Goodbye Mr. Chips fame.  It was really good.  Best book I've read in awhile.  So last night I got Time & Time Again also by Hilton.

Well, I hope we hear from you soon.  I sent the post office a notice changing our Apt. as of May 1.

Catherine & Gerry

P.S.  The music box you sent DeeDee is real cute.  She has quite a bit of jewelry and like items to keep in it.

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