Wednesday, April 05, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter to CJU/GHU -Apr.10

[postmarked Apr 10, 1967.  Addressed to North "K" Street, Lake Worth]

Dear Grandma and Granddaddy,

Hi – How is everything?  Thanks so much for the letter!  I'm sorry I haven't written back before this.

This week-end has been "Viet-Nam" week-end.  The school had several guests to come in and speak to us.  One man lived over in Viet Nam for four years so he sure had the facts.  There was another man to represent the military and to tell about the military importance over there.  We even had one Viet-Namese meal – Wow – Was it ever different.  He gave us the recipe for it so I'll love to make it sometime this summer for everybody!

I only have two more weeks of home-ec and then the girls take "shop" and the Boys Home Ec!  I'm excited and scared both about taking it, but I'm sure I will live through past it!  We won't be graded in it, the teacher will just give a comment

We are allowed to have a weekend away from the school a semester, since we only get from Friday night till Sunday night I'm planning on going to see Aunt Virginia and her family my week-end.  I think I will take the first week-end in May off.

Well, better go and iron some clothes or I won't have anything to wear this week!

Love, Roberta

P.S. Hope your trip to New Vienna goes fine and all of the Hortons are fine.

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