Thursday, April 13, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to John -April 18

Dear John,

Hi!  Thanks for the post card.  We appreciate any mail we get.

We went to a Padres vs. Reds game Saturday night.  The Padres won it 5-4 in the ninth inning.  But Cin. won two out of the three games in the series.

Roberta says she may be out in June.  I suppose that will be during the time you are at Seton Hall.

We're still not sure exactly when we will be moving.  We're hoping to have some of the furniture we just bought (table & chairs & rocking chair) delivered this Saturday.  It all has to be finished off so we were hoping we could do that before we moved.

I got a letter Mary V.  She seems thrilled that she will be able to go to Hudson Guild for at least part of the summer.  Is Serena going too?

How much time do you put in on Y.A.F.?  How much money do you take in?  Are you going to continue during the summer?

Drop us another card if you have a minute!

Love, Cathy & Gerry

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